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Rio 2016 Paralympic HD Wallpaper Download Free

Paralympics is a sport exactly similar to Olympics except for the differentiator that all the athletes that participate in the event are disabled in some or the other way. The games are highly inspiring to see and when you check out the players playing it, you will be extremely impressed with their grit and confidence. It takes a lot of courage to go beyond your disabilities and do what you love.
The Paralympics is a testimony to how enthusiastic these players are about their sport. If you want to seek inspiration, you can download the Rio 2016 Paralympic Wallpapers to keep it on your desktop and phones.

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Rio 2016 Paralympic HD Wallpaper Download

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Wallpaper Download is very easy and you can do it through various sites that offer it. You can get them all in high definition so that they look good. There are many types of games that are played in the Paralympics event and you can download them to use them. Most of the wallpapers will be with a quote that suits the image and they look really inspiring. So if you are a fan of this event, you must definitely download these wallpapers in the best quality to keep it with you.

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Monday, 13 June 2016

Rio 2016 Online Live Streaming Broadcasting Channels

Rio 2016 Online Live Streaming Broadcasting Channels. The Olympics is back and we can hardly contain the excitement. It happens every four years and the level of athletics is at a different level altogether. This time the Rio Olympics 2016 starting date is August 5, 2016. This will be a month long event covering various events and sports around the world. There are high adrenaline games which will keep you on the edge of your seats. In case you can't make it to Rio to enjoy the game live, you can always watch Rio Olympics 2016 Live Telecast on the various broadcasting channels throughout the world.

Rio 2016 Live Streaming Channels

No matter in which country you live, you can watch the Olympic events live through various mediums. There are live streaming options available for TV channels as well as online sites where you can watch it live. You can also catch the Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony live through various channels. The grand affair is scheduled to happen on 5th of August and you can enjoy it live at your comfort. The event is spectacular and involves many celebrities, shows and honorary affairs. You must not miss out to watch it.

Rio Olympics 2016 TV Broadcasting Channels

Just like it is with all the other type of events, different channels will broadcast theOlympics in different countries. This is because the rights for telecasting are given to separate broadcasters. Some of the major RioOlympics 2016 TV Broadcasters include ESPN, Sky Television, Star, NBC and much more. There are several other broadcasters who will be telecasting it live in your country so you can check it from the broadcaster list to know which channel will showcase the Rio Olympics 2016. Even the timings of the events will differ as per the time zone you live in. So, make sure to know about the broadcasting channel and the timing in which it will be broadcasted in your country.

Rio 2016 Live Streaming online streaming

Online sites are the best way to catch the Rio Olympics 2016 live. It gives you the flexibility and convenience to watch it from anywhere you desire. More than that, if you miss something you can always replay it which cannot be done through live TV broadcasting. Thus, if you have a stable internet connection, you must always opt for watching the events on internet. Although, there will be some time lag between the actual event and the live broadcast of Olympic and Paralympics Games, you will enjoy it more given the additional facilities and features that you get in the online medium.

List of 2016 Summer Olympics broadcasters

Seven Network
Rede Globo
Rede Record
Rede Bandeirantes
Fox Sports
CANOC Broadcasting Inc.
 Central Asia
 Czech Republic
TV Nova
Český Rozhlas
France Télévisions
 Hong Kong
Sport 5
Sky Italia
 Latin America
América Móvil
Fox Sports
Lietuvos rytas TV
Japan Consortium
 Middle East
 New Zealand
Sky Television
TV 2
 North Korea
 Pacific Islands5
Sky Television
Sport TV
Sports5 (TV5, AksyonTV, Hyper, Cignal)
NTV Plus
TV Nova
RTV Slovenija
 South Asia
STAR India
 South Africa
 South Korea
 Sub-Saharan Africa
Infront Sports & Media
Azam Media
 United Kingdom
 United States

·        In thе United States, thе channel broadcasting thе Rio Olympics аnd Paralympics 2016 іѕ NBC.
·        In thе United Kingdom, thе channel wіll bе BBC. In Australia, thе channel wіll bе Sеvеn Network.
·        In Canada, thе channel іѕ CBC. In Nеw Zealand аnd Pacific Island thе channel іѕ Sky TV.
·        In Germany, thе channel whісh wіll bе broadcasting Rio Olympics 2016 wіll bе ZDF аnd ARD.
·        In France, thе channel wіll bе FT аnd Canal+.
·        In thе Asian region, thе channel wіll bе Dentsu.
·        In Indian Sub-Continent region, thе channel wіll bе StarSports.
·        In China, thе channel wіll bе CCTV.
·        In Europe countries, thе channel wіll bе SportFive. I
·        n Russia, thе channel wіll bе NTV Plus.
·        In Caribbeans, thе Rio 2016 wіll bе broadcasted оn thе channel CBI.
·        In Middle-East, thе channel wіll bе ASBU.
·        In Italy, thе channel іѕ Sky Italia аnd RAI. In South Africa, thе channel wіll bе SABC.
·        In African countries, thе channel wіll bе SuperSport.
·        In Ireland, thе channel broadcasting thе Rio Olympics 2016 wіll bе RTE.

Keep a tab on results through the online site

In case you can’t catch the events of 2016 Rio Olympics live, you can always keep a tab on the latest scores and the highlights of the events through the official site of the Rio Olympics. The results are almost instantly updated and this is indeed a great way to be in touch with the sport. You will also get to see various other important stats and medal tallies at the click of your fingertips.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Rio 2016 # Paralympic Opening Ceremony Live Stream

The Paralympic games in 2016 is all scheduled to open this September and will last for the full month. For all those planning to visit Rio during the Olympics, you would also enjoy the Paralympics. The opening ceremony of the month long event will be held on 7th September in Rio. Just like always, it will be grand and full of entertainment, you can expect a lot of fanfare and nice events. This will be the first time a South American country will be hosting the much loved events of Olympics and Paralympics.

The opening ceremony will be held during the night of 7th September and will have a theme of its own. The past theme was named as Enlightenment and it focused on the same. The opening ceremony sees a huge crowd gather to witness the magnificent performances.

Rio 2016 Paralympic opening ceremony Live Stream

Every season, there are creative directors who look after the whole opening ceremony and make sure that the event goes smoothly. You will get to witness a lovely opening ceremony forParalympics just like every year. The attraction of the opening ceremony is that many of the performers have some disabilities as well. It feels inspiring to see them perform to mark the opening in Paralympics. 

Other renowned names who will participate in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies include stylist Ronaldo Fraga and artist Guto Lacaz. Star musicians Teresa Cristina, Diogo Nogueira, Moncarco, Xande de Pilares, Hamilton Holanda and Pretinho da Serrinha will come together to form a samba super group, ensuring that the festivities have an unmistakeable Brazilian flavour.

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The fact that both the Olympic and Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies will be staged at the Maracanã Stadium means that the majority of the technical infrastructure – such as lighting, sound equipment and overhead performance cables – would already be installed for the Paralympic shows.

Sport fans from around the world can now buy their Paralympic tickets for Rio 2016 from authorised ticket resellers (ATRs)

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Difference between Paralympics and Olympics Rio 2016

Difference between Paralympics and Olympics Rio 2016. Most of the people don’t get the difference between Paralympics and Olympics. All the Paralympic games are organized by the International Paralympic community. They run parallel to the actual Olympic Games and it finishes when the Olympic Games conclude.

Difference between Paralympics and Olympics

The major differentiate between both of them is that in the Paralympics, athletes with some kind of physical or intellectual disabilities participate. It is a great initiative to promote sports among the people who have disabilities. It is held similarly after 4 years as the main Olympics happen.

There are many types of disabilities that are covered in order to help them play the sports they like. It is almost miraculous to see people with only one leg play football. It is also a great way which shows their courage and determination to do what they love regardless of their disabilities.

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For those who don’t know aboutParalympics must surely check it out. It will reinstate your faith in passion and tell you how people continue with full hope even after some disabilities. You can also see it live while in Rio or tune into the channel where you will get to see all the Paralympic action live.  Hope above Difference between Paralympics and Olympics gives you a short difference between both.

Rio 2016 Paralympics Schedule Timetable Fixture

Rio 2016 Paralympics (7-18 Sep) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The main Olympics event and the Paralympics are closely associated. As soon as the Olympics are finished in the months of August, the Paralympics 2016 will start in the month of September. This year the Olympics and Paralympics are both going to be held at the Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. If you are interested in these sports, you will love to know the Paralympics 2016 schedule so that you can watch it on time. If you are visiting Rio for the Olympics, it is recommended that you stay there for another month and catch the Paralympics event too.

You will get to see some unique new games and the determination of the players is just unmatchable. The Paralympics games start date is from 8th of September and will last till 18th of September until all the events are finished. The Paralympics games tickets are available on the official website of the Rio Paralympics.

Current 2016 Paralympic Venues

Barra Cluster

Olympic Aquatics Stadium - Swimming
Olympic Hockey Stadium - Football (5-a-side and 7-a-side)
Olympic Tennis Stadium - Wheelchair Tennis
Olympic Training Center - Goalball, Judo, Wheelchair Basketball
Riocentro - Boccia, Powerlifting, Table Tennis
Rio Olympic Arena - Wheelchair Rugby

Copacabana Cluster

Flamengo Park- Cycling
Marina da Gloria - Sailing
Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas - Rowing

Deodoro Cluster

National Shooting Center - Shooting
Fencing Arena - Wheelchair Fencing

Maracan Cluster

Maracan Stadium - Opening, Closing and some Awards Ceremony's
Havelange Olympic Stadium - Athletics
Maracanazinho - Sitting Volleyball
Sambadrome Marques de Sapucai - Archery, Marathon and some Awards Ceremonies

Rio 2016 Paralympics Schedule Timetable Fixture

It will surely be interesting to see sportsperson high in spirit to play the game they love. If you are interested in Olympics and love to watch it, you will definitely love Paralympics too because it has all the elements of entertainment and grit combined. You can also download the Rio 2016 paralympics games schedule in pdf or image format from the official site of Rio 2016 Paralympic.